IF I KnEw As A ChiLd wHaT I Kn0w n0w M0m
I Pr0bAblY W0uLDn'T hAvE MaDe THinGs

S0 HaRd f0r y0u
I w0uLd hAvE UnDeRst00d

THaT y0u WeRe l00kinG 0uT f0r mY BeSt iNteResT
EVeN tH0uGh iT mAy n0t hAvE sEEmEd s0 At ThE TimE

I w0uLd HavE Kn0wN h0w DiFFicUlT iT iS t0 lEt G0
T0 StAnD bAcK AnD lEt s0mE0nE y0u L0vE

LEaRn Fr0m ThEiR MiStAkEs
I w0uLd HaVe ReAlizEd

H0w f0rtuNatE I WAs t0 hAvE A m0tHeR
Wh0 wAs AlwAyS tHeRe f0r mE

EveN AfTeR aN ArGuMenT
EveN AfteR I'D SaiD tHinGs

I Sh0ulD n0t hAvE
WHilE it'S t00 lAtE f0r A l0t 0f ThiNGs

It'S n0t t00 lAtE f0r mE t0 TeLL y0u
ThAt I ApPreCiatE h0w l0vinG y0u ArE

H0w GiVinG y0u'vE AlwAyS bEEn
AnD tHat EvEn Th0uGh

I mAy n0t AlwAyS bE G00d At Sh0winG iT
I L0vE y0u vEry MucH

(ReNeE duvAlL)

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