ThE bEsT GiFt f0r AlL

IF liFe WeRe WiTh0uT wAteR wHeRe w0ulD wE Be?
IF liFe WeRe WiTh0uT m0tHeRs
THeRe w0ulD bE n0 y0u 0r mE
WE All nEEd t0 tAkE h0lD 0f h0w PrEci0uS liFe ReAllY iS

AnD n0t tAkE f0r GrAnTeD ThE GifT 0f l0vE AnD tHe AbilitY t0 GiVe
ThAnK y0u t0 G0D f0r cReAtinG uS All
F0r GiVinG uS 0uR m0thErS
S0 wE cAn StAnD Pr0uD AnD tAlL

HuMaNs ArE n0 AcciDenT n0 MisTakE 0r ErR0R
WE s0mEtiMeS LivE 0uR LiVeS iN FEaR 0f tHiS
EveN t0 ThE p0inT 0f TeRR0R
BuT WheN ThE TrUtH iS t0lD AnD Rec0GniSeD bY AlL

G0D d0eS n0t cReAtE RuBBisH hE KnEw WhAt He WaS d0inG WHeN hE cReAteD
Me AnD y0u BuT ThE BesT GifT 0f AlL iS GivinG uS L0vinG CaRinG
M0tHeRs wh0 L0vE uS uNc0nDiti0nAllY ThR0ugH AnD ThR0uGh.
N0nE 0f uS ArE PeRfeCt ThAt iNcLuDeS 0uRseLvEs AnD FaMilY
H0ld 0nt0 h0w PrEci0uS wE ArE AnD ThAnK G0D f0r 0uR m0tHeRs

(JUliA HuNt)

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