MY m0tHeR h0w t0 L0Ve

I LEaRnEd FR0m MY m0theR h0w t0 L0Ve
ThE LiVinG t0 HaVe PlEntY 0f VaSeS 0n HanD
IN cAsE y0u hAvE t0 RuSh t0 ThE h0sPitaL
WitH Pe0nieS cUt Fr0m ThE LAwN BlAcK AntS

StilL stuCk t0 thE bUds I LeArnEd t0 sAvE JaRs
LaRge En0uGh t0 h0lD FrUit SAlaD f0r A Wh0lE
GRieVinG h0uSeh0lD t0 CuBe h0mE-cAnNeD PEaRs
AnD pEaCheS t0 SliCe ThR0ugH MaR00n GRapE SkiNs

AnD FliCk 0uT tHe sExuAl sEEds wiTh A kNifE P0inT
LEaRnEd t0 AtteNd ViEwinGs EvEn iF I DiD n0t Kn0w
ThE deCeAseD t0 PReSS thE m0isT hAndS
0f thE liVinG t0 l00k iN ThEiR EyeS AnD 0ffeR

SYmpAthY aS th0uGh I UnDeRst00d l0sS EveN ThEN
I LeArnEd ThAt WhAteVeR wE sAy MeAnS n0tHinG
WhAt Any0nE wiLL ReMemBer iS tHaT wE cAmE
I LeArnEd t0 BeliEvE I hAd The p0wEr t0 EaSe

AwfUl PaiNs MaTeRiallY LiKe An AnGeL
LiKe A d0ct0r I leArNeD t0 cReAtE
FR0m An0theR’s SufFErinG mY 0wN UsEfulNesS AnD 0nCe
Y0u Kn0w H0w t0 d0 ThiS y0u cAn nEveR RefuSe

T0 EvEry h0uSe y0u EnTer y0u MuSt 0ffeR
HEalinG A cH0c0latE cAkE y0u bAkEd y0uRselF
ThE BleSSinG 0f y0uR v0icE y0uR cHaSte t0ucH

(JUliA kAsd0rF)

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