I L0vCE s0 mUcH

I L0vCE s0 mUcH mY m0theR
SHe'S AlwAyS iN mY hEarT
EveN Th0uGh wE ARguE
We'LL nEveR bE ApArT

shE cAn Tell WheN I hAvE pR0bleMs
shE kn0wS WheN I Am d0wN
shE's AlwAyS THeRe t0 chEEr mE uP
AnD tAkE AwAy mY fr0wNs

AT tiMeS wHeN I gEt MaD At HeR
it'S hArD t0 StAy ThAt WaY
0nlY BeCauSe ShE MakeS mE lAuGh
EveRy PaSSinG DaY

I L0vE mY m0tHeR WitH aLL mY HEaRt
BuT ThiS sHe D0eS n0t Kn0w
S0mEtiMeS I wAnT t0 teLL HeR
buT I'M AfRaiD t0 LeT iT Sh0w

SHaMeKa MArtiN

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