I sEE iN y0uR EyES

WHeN I Am l00kiNG iNt0 y0uR EyES
I sEE aLL tHe l0vES y0u HaVe f0r mE
I sEE iN y0uR EyEs y0u CaRe f0r mE A l0t
I sEE y0uR l0vE f0r mE iS TruE
AnD y0u Will d0 wHaTeVeR iT TaKeS t0 HaVe Me iN y0uR LiFe

WHeN I Am l00kinG iNt0 y0uR EyES
I sEE y0uR l0vE f0r mE iS uNc0nDiti0naL
Y0uR EyeS Tell Me y0u WilL nEveR lEaVe mE
Y0u wiLL AlwAyS StAy bY mY SiDe
T0 pR0teCt AnD CheRisH mE

WhEn I Am l00kinG iNt0 y0uR EyES
I sEE witH y0u EveRytHinG iS p0ssiBlE
I sEE iN y0uR EyeS y0uR l0vE f0r mE iS EveRlaStinG
Y0uR eYeS Tell mE y0u ReAllY ReAllY l0vE mE

Y0usEliNe BAziL

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