I wAnT t0 ShaRe

T0 y0u I GiVe ThE Wh0lE mE
F0r I bEliEvE ThAt y0u'Re mY DeStiNy
T0 y0u I 0ffeR EvErY BeSt 0f mY HeArT
F0r I BeLiEvE ThAt y0u Will VaLuE iT 

I wAnT t0 ShARE mY wh0lE liFe WitH y0u
F0r mE t0 Sh0w ThaT mY l0vE iS TRuE
I wAnT t0 h0lD y0u iN mY ArmS
AnD sinG y0u s0nGS AnD lUllaBieS

L0viNG y0u iS whAt I WaNt t0 d0
AlTh0uGh I Kn0w ThAt iT cAn MaKe Me BluE
CAuSe TeaRs iN mY EyeS hAs N0tHinG t0 d0
IF I'M WitH A mAn tHaTiS y0u

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