MY fEElinGs

AS I wAkE bY y0uR SidE
MY fEEliNGs f0r y0u I CaN N0t HiDE
I t0uCh y0uR FaCe iN tHe m0rninG LiGhT
BEinG WitH y0u JuSt fEEls s0 RiGhT

Y0u mAkE mE fEEl LiKe I'M A QuEEn
LiKe BEinG InSidE An AwEs0mE DReaM
AlTh0uGh ThiS iS ReAl tHaT I Kn0w
AS tHe l0vE ThAt SurR0uNdS uS c0nTiNueS t0 Gr0w

I ThiNk 0f WhAt ThE FuTuRe h0ldS
MArRiaGe cHilDreN uS Gr0winG 0lD
AnD aS I lAy witH y0u DeaR
I'M JuSt s0 GlAd y0u'Re MinE y0u'Re HeRe

J0 PYe 

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