I sEE ThE bReEzE

AS I l00k 0uTsiDe I sEE ThE BReEzE
CaReSS ThE LeAveS Fr0m ThE TrEEs

AnD cArRy ThEm t0 All AR0unD
GEntlY LaiD uP0n ThE GR0unD

I sEE ThE BirDs s0 HiGh Ab0vE
THeiR s0nGs SinG 0f 0uR SpEciAl l0vE

AnD LaiD Up0n ThEiR s0fT SwEEt WinG
Y0uR l0vE t0 mE TheY GEntlY BRinG

AnD aS TheY StArt ThEiR GrAcEfuL DeScEnT
DeLivErinG A MeSSaGe ThAt’S hEavEn SenT

0nE THinG I Kn0w AnD WilL H0lD s0 DeaR
WHeN I sEE ThEm FlY I Will fEEl y0u NeaR

 PAuL MArcHanT

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