I NeVeR FelT A L0vE

I NeVeR FelT A L0vE
LiKe tHiS BeF0rE
IT's A L0vE LiKe n0 0tHeR
S0mEtHinG I HaVe AlwAyS h0pEd F0R

A L0vE witH FriEnDshiP
HuM0uR AnD HeaRt
A B0nD s0 sTR0nG
IT w0ulD NeVeR PaRT

A L0vE thAt mAkeS y0u SmilE
FR0m EaR t0 EaR
A l0vE ThAt iS j0yfUl
WitH0uT AnY FEaR

A l0vE ThAt iS bEaUtifuL
Fr0m ThE iNsiDe ouT
A l0vE witH n0 TeaRs
PAiN 0r d0uBT

A l0vE witH s0uL
S0 tEnDeR AnD TrUe
A l0vE tHaT I hAvE f0unD
0nlY iN y0u

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