Y0uR WaRm EyeS

Y0u cAmE iNt0 mY LiFe UnExPeCtEdlY
AnD EveRyTHinG T00k A TuRn f0r ThE BeTTeR
Y0uR WaRm EyeS y0uR LaUgH
ThE SiNceRe wAy y0u SpEaK
AnD ThE KiNdNesS y0u Sh0weD mE
All BecAmE A PaRt 0f mY LiFe

AS y0u Unf0ldEd y0uRsElF t0 mE
I DiSc0veReD m0rE AnD M0rE BeAuTy
I HaVe NeVeR sEEn s0 MuCh
GeNtlEneSS iN 0nE PeRs0n
WitH0uT EvEn Kn0winG iT
y0u weRe Sl0wLy mAkinG A pLacE
f0R y0uRsElf iN mY HeaRT

IT uSeD t0 sEEm s0 HaRd aT TiMeS
T0 fEEl s0 Cl0sE iN  ReLAti0nShiP
BuT iT’s s0 EaSy t0 fEEl Cl0sE t0 y0u
I cAn’T Tell y0u h0w NiCe ThAt fEELS
I ReAlizE n0w ThAt I hAd NeVeR Kn0wN
WhAt iT MeAnT t0 Be L0veD
UnTiL I wAs L0veD bY y0u

 LAuRa BaKeR 

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