WHeN y0u ArE sAd?

WhEn y0u ArE SaD I Will DrY y0uR TeArS
WHeN y0u ArE ScaReD I WilL c0mf0Rt y0uR FeaRs
WHeN y0u nEEd l0vE mY HeaRt I WiLL sHaRe
WHeN y0u aRe SicK f0r y0u I Will CaRe

Y0u wilL fEEL mY l0vE WheN wE ArE ApaRt
Kn0winG ThAt n0tHinG Will cHanGe mY HeaRt
WHeN y0u Are w0rRieD I wiLL GiVe y0u h0pE
WHeN y0u ArE c0nFuSeD I wiLL HelP y0u c0pE

WHeN y0u Are L0sT aNd cAn’T sEE ThE LiGhT
MY l0vE Will Be A bEac0n sHiNinG EveR s0 BRiGht
THiS iS mY v0w 0nE ThAt I pLeDgE Till ThE EnD
F0R y0u Ab0vE All aRe mY wiFe AnD bEsT FRienD

THeSe w0rdS I HaVe wRiTTeN  SpeAk 0f mY L0vE f0r y0u
FR0m mY liPs ThEsE w0rdS sp0kEn sHaLL AlwAyS RinG TRuE
G0D hAs BleSSeD mE aNd WitH y0uR HaNd iN MiNe
B0tH 0f 0uR hEaRts wiLL f0ReVeR iNteRtwiNe

INt0 aLL liVeS fAllS PaiN aNd s0rr0wS
I pr0miSe t0GetheR wE Will mEEt All t0m0rR0wS
HaPpY iN mArRiaGE h0n0r AnD l0vE
BleSSed iN UniTy bY G0D Ab0vE

 EaRl j. DaWs0n JR

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