MY hEaRt BeAtS

Y0uR LiPs SpEaK s0fT SwEEtnEsS
Y0uR t0uCh A c00L cAreSS
I Am L0sT iN y0uR mAgiC
MY hEaRt BeAtS WitHiN y0uR ChEsT

I tHinK 0f y0u EAcH M0rNinG
AnD dReAm 0f y0u EacH NiGhT
I ThiNk 0f y0uR ArMs BEinG Ar0uNd mE
AnD CaNn0t ExPResS mY DEliGhT

NEEr hAvE I fAlleN
BuT I Am QuiCklY 0n mY wAy
Y0u h0Ld A hEaRt iN y0uR HaNdS
ThAt HaS nEveR Bef0Re bEEn GiVeN AwAy

( ReX a. WiLLiaMs)

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