WHaT I L0vE Ab0uT Y0u

I L0vE tHe wAy y0u L00k At mE
Y0uR EyeS s0 BRiGhT AnD BluE
I L0vE ThE wAy y0u kiSS mE
Y0uR LipS s0 s0ft AnD Sm00tH

I l0vE ThE wAy y0u MaKe mE s0 hApPY
AnD tHe wAyS y0u Sh0w y0u CaRe
I L0vE tHe wAy y0u sAy I L0vE Y0U
AnD ThE wAy y0u'Re AlwAyS TheRe

I L0vE tHe wAy y0u T0uCh mE
AlwAyS SeNdinG cHillS d0wN mY sPiNe
I l0vE tHaT y0u ArE witH mE
AnD GlAd thAt y0u ArE MiNe

( CrYstAL JAnsEn)

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