JUSt 0nE WiSh

IF I c0uLd hAvE jUsT 0nE WiSh
I w0ulD wiSh t0 wAkE uP eVeRydAy
T0 tHe s0uNd 0f y0uR BreAtH 0n mY NeCk
ThE wArmtH 0f y0uR LiPs 0n mY chEEk
ThE t0uCh 0f y0uR FinGeRs 0n mY sKiN
AnD ThE FeeL 0f y0uR HeArT bEatiNg witH MiNe
Kn0wiNG ThAt I c0ulD NeVeR FinD thAt feElinG
wiTh AnY0nE 0tHeR ThAn y0u

( C0uRtnEy KUcHtA )

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