L0vE iS BeAuTifuL

L0vE iS BeAuTifuL AnD GReAt
WHeN y0u FiNd ThE RiHhT PeRs0n iT wiLL bE FaTe
MY L0vE I hAvE F0r y0u iS S0 stR0ng
N0tHinG cAn EveR g0 wR0nG
IT wAs L0vE aT FiRsT siGht
I wAnTeD t0 bE wiTh HiM eVeRy niGhT

EveRyDaY I fEEl s0 g00d iNsiDe
I cAn'T WaiT TiLL ThE DaY I bEc0mE hiS BRiDe
aS faR aS ThE FuTuRe wE CaNn0t sEE
buT t0GetHeR F0ReVeR wE wiLL bE

WhAt wE HaVe iS L0vE
iT iS aS BeAuTifuL aS A d0vE
0uR L0vE hAs Gr0wN
iNt0 s0mEtHinG BiGgeR ThAt hAs Sh0wN
Y0uR HeArt AnD mY HeaRt hAvE c0nNeCteD
BuT 0uR L0vE iS s0 ExPeCteD

AnD n0w Fr0m ThiS DaY
I wiLL AlwAyS pRaY
ThAt I wiLL StAy WitH mY mAn
AnD I kN0w ThAt I cAn

(LAcE )

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