PuRe L0vE

iTs SwEEt liKe ThE NeCtaR
0f ThE GaRdEn Fl0weR
It'S s00tHinG LiKe tHe BuZZinG
0f A BuMblE bEE
It'S wARm LiKe ThE RaYs
0f ThE M0rniNg sUn
It'S ThE SeArcH 0f A L0vE s0 PuRe 
WHiCh KeEpS mE 0n ThE RuN

It'S ThE PuLsE iN mY VeiN
ThE Th0uGhtS iN mY BRaiN
In EveRy BReAtH ThAt I TaKe
ThE SmiLe mY LiPs MaKe
It'S iN ThE TwiNkLe 0f mY EyE
TilL ThE DaY I DiE

It'S ThE DReAm iN mY SLEEp
It'S SpRiNgS fReShEsT LeaF
A L0vE s0 RaRe LiKe ThiS
WilL AlwAyS Be witH mE F0r kEEpS

iTs tHe WaRmTh 0f mY Bl00d
As mY feEliNgS fLOOd
As sAyS mY HeArt'S BeAt     
iTs DePtH t0uCheS tHe 0cEaN's fEeT

EveN iF iTs HeArT sEaRinG PaiN
wiTh N0tHinG t0 GAiN

(PRiyA )

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