I l0vE y0u s0 MuCh

I l0vE y0u s0  dEEplY 
I l0vE y0u s0 MuCh
I l0vE ThE S0uNd 0f y0uR v0icE
AnD ThE wAy wE UsEd t0 t0uCh

I l0vE y0uR KiNd AnD Th0uGhTfuL wAyS
AnD ThE j0y y0u bRinG t0 mY LiFe EveRy DaY
I l0vE y0u T0dAy aS I hAvE fR0m ThE StART
I'LL l0vE y0u f0rEveR WitH AlL mY HeArt

(SAnDaR )

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