WhAt d0 I sAy? 

H0w d0 I StARt? 
WhAt d0 I sAy?
I l0vE y0u AnD y0u TaKe mY BReAtH AwAy?
D0 I sAy h0ld mE TiGhT kEEp mE WaRm AlL thR0uGh ThE NiGhT? 
S0 h0w d0 I StaRt?
I StaRt LiKe ThiS h0ld mE l0vE mE tEaCh mE, m0vE mE, m0tivAte mE t0 d0 s0mEtHinG gReAt
N0w ThAt I'Ve StaRtEd h0w d0 I eNd? 
I eNd LiKe ThiS 
I L0Ve Y0u

(DeNisE BRaNhaM )

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