L0vE iS A GiFt Fr0m G0D

L0vE iS LiKe A RiVeR
A NeVeR EnNinG StReAm
L0vE iS ShaReD bY EaCh 0tHeR
T0 AnSwEr s0mE0nE's DReAm

IT's A NeVeR EnDinG St0Ry
L0vE iS n0t A LiE
Y0u cAn ShaRe iN AlL iTs GL0Ry
F0r L0vE wiLL NeVeR DiE

L0vE iS All AR0uNd y0u
ThE m00n AnD StaRs Ab0vE
L0vE iS A GiFt Fr0m G0D
AnD G0D iS A GiFt 0f L0vE

(J0hN PEteR ReAd )

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