L iS f0r ThE LAuGhTeRI GiVe t0 y0u EveRy DaY
Kn0wiNg y0u'LL nEveR g0 AwAy

O  iS f0r ThE 0pTi0nS We'LL hAvE WhEn wE'Re t0gEtHeR
Kn0wiNg 0uR L0vE c0uLdN't gEt AnY BeTTeR

V iS f0r ThE viSi0nS I hAvE 0f y0u 
kn0wiNG I'LL nEveR FiNd AnY0nE QuiTe LiKe y0u

E iS F0r EveRyTHinG ThAt's TRuE I'vE EvERy SaiD
EsPeCiAllY wHeN I SaiD "WE'LL Be T0GetHeR Till We'rE DeAd

(JeReMy VeGa )

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