A BlaZinG FiRe

ME A BlaZinG FiRe
Y0u A s0liTaRy cAnDLe
I wAs PaSSi0n AnD DeSirE
I wAs AlwAys HaRd t0 HaNdLe

ME s0 0pEn FuLL 0f LiFe
Y0u s0 pRiVaTe AnD SiNceRe
I Th0uGhT y0u WeRe t00 PReCisE
Y0u Th0uGhT I wAs NeVeR CLeaR

ME s0 TRuStinG AnD s0 WaRm
Y0u s0 CAuTi0uS AnD ReSeRveD
I wAs LiKe A ThUnDeRsT0Rm
YeT y0u NeVeR WeRe PeRtuRbeD

ME s0 EaSilY DiStrAcTeD
Y0u s0 F0cUseD 0n ThE TaSk
WhiLe I EnTeRtAinEd 0uR FRieNdS
Y0u w0uLd sMiLe At mE AnD BaSk

ME A muLtiTuDe 0f C0L0uR
Y0u A sTeAdY HaNd t0 H0Ld
D0n'T wE c0mPleMeNt EaCh 0tHeR
AS t0GeTheR wE Gr0w 0Ld

( CLaUdEtTe)

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