ThE SuN's G0LdEn LiGhT

ThE SuN's G0LdEn LiGhT  sL0wLy RisES 0veR ThE FiEld
LiKe y0uR eYeS 0peNinG witH ThE FaDinG NiGhT

AS ThE NiGhT ReTreAtS Fr0m ThE SuN
ThE FiELd SpArkLeS witH ThE m0rNinG DeW

ThE DeW m0isTes ThE R0sES
AS TeaRs 0f J0y m0iStEn mY eYeS

WitH ThE RiSe 0f ThE SuN ThE R0SeS BeGiN t0 BL00m
LiKe mY HeaRt sWeLLs EveRy m0rNinG WhEn I l00k At y0U

AS ThE FieLd c0meNs ALivE EveRy M0rniNg WitH ThE SuN
S0 D0eS mY LiFe WitH ThE 0pEniNG 0f y0uR EyES

Y0u'Re mY SuN mY R0sE mY L0vE

( TiM KaRa )

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