A  L0vE 0f MeL0dY

ThErE iS pEaCe iN mY s0uL
ThErE iS L0vE iN mY LiFe 
A  L0vE 0f MeL0dY AnD RhYmE

0nCe y0u T00k h0Ld 0f mY HeaRT
I kNeW n0 0tHeR c0uLd HaVe ReAcHeD
AS wHisPeReD FAte t00k mY HaNd 
T0 leVeLs 0nLy y0u c0uLd ReAcH

Y0u iN mY LiFe 
WiLL LiVe EteRnAllY
I kNeW tHe FiRsT NiGhT wE mET
Y0u WeRe mEaNt f0R mE

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