EaCh BeaT oF mY HeaRT

TiMe GoEs bY mY EnDureS
I LoVe YoU MoRe wiTh EaCh BReAtH
EaCh BeaT oF mY HeaRT

NiGhT GoEs bY mY LoVe iS EternaL
EveRy SuNseT AnD SuNrisE
STrenGtHeNs My LoVe FoR yoU

DayliGht FaDeS mY LoVe iS EveRLaStinG.
I AwAke AnD YoU'Re SLeEpinG BeSidE mE
MY HeaRt sWeLLs

WEEkS paSS bY mY LoVe iS TiMeLeSS
I HoLd YouR HanD
LoVe ShiNeS iN YoUR EyES A MirroR oF pAsSioN

MoNthS DisApPeAR ouR LoVe iS UnChaNginG.
WE BecoMe oNe AnD ShAre ouR HoPeS AnD DReaMs
AnD FuTuRe

YeaRs FaDe ouR LoVe iS EveRmoRe
WE Vow To LoVe AnD CheRisH EaCh oTheR
TiLL ThE EnD oF TiMe

DeCaDes VaNisH ouR LoVe iS AgeLeSS
WE ripEn AnD wRinKle LikE AuTumN LeAvES
OuR LoVe MaTuReS wHile ouR LifE liGhT FaDeS

MY HeaRt, I wiLL LoVe YoU "Til DeaTh Do uS PaRt"
WE wiLL ShiNe BeyoNd ThE EaRtH As iNfiNitY oF STaRs
SouLs EnTwiNeD hEaVenLy SpaRkS oF LoVe

( MiCheLLe WeSteRn)

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