MY LoVe FoR YoU ReMained

WHaT ToRmenT iS TheRe GReaTeR tHaN LoVe So FeiGneD?

FoR DeSpiTe GReaT PAiN, mY LoVe FoR You ReMaiNeD

ThY PaSSioNs igNoRinG dReAmS LuSt SoUghT aNd cLaiMeD


CRyinG ALL ThE wHiLe mY LoVe FoR YoU ReMaiNeD

DRy pRomiSeS FRoM youR LipS eNsLaVeD mY BRaiN

MY HeaRt cLuNg To HoPe mY LoVe FoR You ReMaiNeD

ALthoUgH ThoUghTs VoiD oF HoPe EnDuReD GReaT PaiN


. AS JoYs sLipPeD AwAy mY LoVe FoR You ReMaiNeD

SEcRet LoVeRs ReVeALeD ThAt ouR LoVe Lie StAineD

CoNtriVed ExCuSeS mY LoVe FoR You ReMaiNeD

FriEnds ToLd mE ThAt BeLieVinG You wAs inAnE


BuT wiThouT ComPLainT mY LoVe FoR You ReMaiNeD

LusT LikE A LioN FLaUntinG His MaNe inGRaiNeD

. WisHeS NoT Yet woN mY LoVe FoR You ReMaiNeD

MoCkeRy cRitiCisM AnD AnGeR ReiGneD


DeSeRtioN cAmE AnD mY LovE FoR You ReMaiNeD

ADoRaTioN EnDeD aS mY HeaRt MainTaiNeD

DeFeaT pRocLaiMeD. BuT mY LoVe FoR You ReMaiNeD



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