I NeVeR kNeW LoVe

I NeVeR kNeW LoVe CouLd FeeL ThiS WaY
ThE kiNd oF LoVe ThAt MaKeS YoU ALwAyS wAnT To StaY
I NeVeR kNeW wHat A WoNdeRfuL FeeLinG I CouLd GeT
JuSt bY LoVinG YoU AnD hAvinG YoU LoVe mE BacK
To hAvE yoU Do THinGs FoR mE
AnD mE To yoU

AnD iT Be SuCh A SiMpLe ThiNg To Do
I NeVeR kNeW wHaT iT WaS LikE To HaVe AnYoNe
LaY DoWn BeSidE mE
JuSt To HoLd mE, FeeL, mE, LoVe mE
UnTiL I meT yoU

HoW iT FeLt To Be WaNteD JusT FoR mE
I GRew uSeD To BeinG wHaTeVeR oTheR PeoPle wAnteD
EveN ThouGh iT wAsN’t TRuE
I NeVeR kNeW ThE FeeLinG oF HaVinG SoMeoNe
LoVe mE FoR mE
UnTiL I mEt yoU

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