Home remedies for dark lines on neck

Home remedies for dark lines on neck

Home remedies for dark lines on neck are very useful for those who have such problem.

Use Cucumber:

It has soothing properties that help to repair dead skin cells and make your skin glow and flawless. Cucumber is used to improve the appearance of your neck area.


Extract cucumber juice and apply this juice all over your neck area and scrub gently for fifteen minutes. For better result, keep stay for 5 minutes more, then wash if off with cold water or preferably use Rose water.

You can also use this tip with adding equal amount of lemon juice into it. Do same steps as mentioned above. It is better to apply this solution using cotton pellet.

NOTE: For better result, you need to use this remedy daily for at least three month or until your satisfaction.

Use Walnuts

It is the best source of Vitamins and minerals that help to nourish the skin and keep the skin moisturized.  I practically proven this remedy and then write it for you, it works greater than my expectation.

Now we make a paste using walnuts and yogurt. Mix then in equal proportion and use grinder machine to make smoothie paste. Apply this paste on your neck where you found dark lines. Leave it on your neck for 10 minutes or until it dry and then start massage gently, use cotton pellet to rubbing it around your neck bottom line or where you look dark skin. Keep doing 10 minutes more, wash it off with rose water.   

NOTE: This remedy will revitalize your neck skin and overcome the dark appearance. You should apply this tip regularly, at least thrice a week.

Use Oats or Daliya

If you want to look good for a long time, should use natural ingredients in your daily life. Oats is one of the great natural ingredients available on earth, it is good for eating as well as beauty health also, it helps exfoliate the skin and reduce dark complexion.


Add two tablespoons of ground or powdered oats and one small tomato puree, one tsp honey, 10 ml raw milk and make a thick paste. Leave it for few minutes to settle down. Apply this paste on your required part of the neck and leave it on for 20 minutes. Afterwards start scrubbing you neck gently. Using cold water wash your neck. Do use this remedy tip twice a week or until your satisfaction. For better result, use any moisturizer.

Use Lemon Juice as Cleanser

Lemon contains citric acid; it is a natural bleaching agent. Vitamin C present in lemon that helps to remove dead cells and can be used to effectively lighten skin tone of your neck area.

Use cotton pellet to apply lemon juice on darker lines of the neck area, for sensitive skin, dilute the juice by adding drinking water. Let it set for 25 minutes and then rub it gently. Finally wash it off with water. Don’t expose your dark lines on neck area to direct sunlight because, lemon juice will react with sunlight, keep avoid you to go outside in daylight time.

NOTE: These home remedies for black neck will revitalize your neck skin and overcome the dark appearance. You should apply this tip regularly, at least twice a week.

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