Rice Tea for Upset Stomach

Rice Tea for Upset Stomach

Rice Tea for Upset Stomach


  • Take one cup of rice
  • Two litter of water
  • One teaspoon sugar or honey


First boil one cup of rice in 12 cups or one standard jug of water for 15 minutes or as per needed.

Strain out the boiled rice in a bowl. Then you can add some flavor into it by using sugar or honey and drink warm.

Rice tea for stomach is ready.

For better result, drink this liquid once a week or until your satisfaction.


7  Health Benefits of Rice Tea

1. It is an Excellent source of Energy.

2. Treatment for Various Digestive Issues

3. Keep lowering Blood Pressure.

4. Prevent Cardiovascular Health

5. Help Greatly In alzheimer's Disease.

6. Help to Reducing Obesity.

7. Beneficial in preventing Cancer Symptoms.



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