Main Causes of Hair Breakage

Main Causes of Hair Breakage

Nowadays, Hair breakage is a common problem to both men and women because of pollution. Water and air are polluted with harmful chemicals like sulfur, ammonia, carbon mono oxide etc,

So many reasons that can be the main causes hair breakage. Commonly, it’s due to lack of care of the hair, hair is sensitive part of body, it can be damaged and start to hair fall. Don’t worry, we would like to guide you about its causes and their best treatment for your hair.

Main Causes of Hair Brackage

  • Tension and stress directly affect your hair cells, may start hair fall.
  • Deficiency of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your body
  • Unhealthy and improper dietary habits.
  • Excessive use of harmful chemicals applied on your hair for coloring and style
  • Hormonal imbalance, thyroid and certain medications
  • Alopecia, dandruff may also the major causes of hair breakage.

If your try to control over above causes, that is underlying medical problems should be considered to avoid hair breakage. If you suffer from thyroid, get a thyroid test to reduce the risk of hair fall as well as hair breakage.

If you are stressed, do practicing yoga, doing deep breathing exercises, practicing meditation. Also, improve your sleep to progress your skin and hair health.

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