Best Way to Get Rid of a Sunburn

Best Way to Get Rid of a Sunburn

Everyone loves to get sunbathed, but getting sunburned is not part of the plan. Especially when it stings and it is hard to get rid of. This article you will find the best way to get rid of a sunburn.

Why Sunburn is such a problem

How does it happen?

Sunburn can occur any time, usually it does during summertime. It is when people have to cover up so that they don’t show the burnt marks on their body. What happens is that the production of melanin is increased when UV light burns your skin. Melanin is the scientific name for the dark pigmentation of the top layer of your skin. The increase of melanin actually acts as a shield to protect the dangerous UV rays from the bottom layers of skin that are much more sensitive. People with fair skin have less melanin and are likely to burn. Trying not to end up getting burned is not the most effective sunburn care you can do. SPF 4 only works to a certain extent.


Best Way to Get Rid of a Sunburn

There are many ways to get rid of sunburn. All the solutions listed here all work in a variety of ways. Keeping an open mind is always the best way to understand that some sunburn home remedies sound as though it was made up. Most of these remedies can be used to solve different problems, but how they solve this problem is different from how they might solve other problems.

Natural remedies

Make a potato paste. Throughout the years potatoes have been used as pain relievers. They have been used to reduce inflammation, smooth scratches and bites, they work well on burns and minor irritations. They are two methods to do this, you can cut potato slices or make a juice. The choice is up to you. Place it in a blender, don’t peel the potatoes and whirl them around until it becomes a liquid. Add water if it is too dry. Soak cotton balls in the mixture and apply to the sunburn.

Cool milk compress works well too. This is one of the most low cost methods to reducing sunburn. Place the compress in a bowl of milk. When the washcloth or gauze is saturated. Drain the excess liquid. Place the washcloth on the sunburn and leave it therefore for as long as it is needed to relieve the pain.

Baking soda and cornstarch for fighting burns is sunburn home remedy that works wonders. The cool, silky textual of cornstarch is a good way to relieve sunburn. Baking soda is a fast pain relief. They both have qualities that can lessen the red fiery appearance of the burn and diminish the pain. Make a paste like consistency with either baking soda or cornstarch and lather over the burn until the pain and burning has decreased significantly.

Drink a lot. The thing about being sunburned is it is the same thing as being dehydrated and the common solution to that is to drink lots of water. It may seem like commonsense, but we hardly thinking about it when we look like something that came out from the oven. Have a tall glass of water with ice and drink lots of it until the burning feeling lessens. Water will help repair the skin cells, by flushing away the toxins.

Mint tea soothes whatever it touches. The theobromine and tannic acid found in green helps relive pain and heal damaged skin when applied to it. Boil the tea. When the mixture has cooled use a clean soft cloth, soak it into the liquid and apply on the burn.

Aloe vera is known to solve many problems. The aloe vera gel does exactly that. It’s cooling and soothing features suck out the sting and redness from the burn. Plant the plant in your house as it solves a variety of problems. You never know when you will need it again. There are many ways you can use the aloe vera. If you have the gel squeeze it onto your burns or if you have the leaves, just slit them in half and apply them on the burns.

The last treatment for sunburn is vinegar which is one best way to get rid of a sunburn. It helps heal mildly burned tissue and sunburn. Apple cider vinegar works best. Fill a bottle with the vinegar and spritz it onto your burn. You can also soak cotton balls and apply it to the burn. It still does the trick.

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