How to Reduce Hair Fall Naturally at Home

How to Reduce Hair Fall Naturally at Home

How to Reduce Hair Fall Naturally at Home

1. Try To Reduce Stress:

If you want to reduce or stop your hair fall immediately, you need to do stop your anxiety and stress by using any means of method you have to adopt. Because, stress works like a silent killer, it may cause many types of health problems and it turn into a complex diseases. Hair fall is one of the first commonly affected problems due to take stress. Make sure, you do effort to stop stress. I will guarantee you it works against hair fall.

2. Try To Avoid Hot Water:

Another way to know how to reduce hair fall naturally at home, don’t use hot water to raising your hair. Hot water about more than 40 degree Celsius will make your hair dry and rough. For some types of hair treatments, you need to use warm water to wash the hair. Otherwise, use normal water (at room temperature) to wash off in your daily routine.

3. Do Massage Daily: 

Massage is one of the best treatments to increase your blood circulation.  It can also strengthen your scalp, soften the head skin help to reduce hair fall effectively. Head massage will help you relax and reduce stress after your daily work activity. To take care of yourself, you should avail few minutes from your busy routine.

When you are using massage treatment, you should use some oils like olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, amla oil, castor oil etc. Best massage technique is to use your fingers, Massaging heartily in a circular manner all over your head for 3 to 5 minutes even you feel the scalp tingling from the flow of blood. For getting the best result, you should do this treatment twice a week.

4. Use Fish Oil:

Fish oil is rich in fatty acid and omega-3, it is a general health supplement, you need to take one eats enough fatty fish or a fish oil supplement. This oil is very much effective for your hair growth and cure. Should take one fish oil capsule every day for a month only or take advice with you doctor.

If you don’t like to eat fish or fish oil smell, you have an alternative choice of flaxseed oil (Alsi ka tael), it works exactly as fish oil do.

5. Best treatment with Neem leaves:

No one denies the benefits of “The Neem tree”, it’s an awesome natural ingredient for human health, In medical point of views, you can find it in herbal medicines, cosmetics, insecticide, particularly given its low toxicity in mammals.

Neem leaves are commonly used ingredient of home remedies for hair fall. Neem has many advantages including healing hair loss. I will give you the treatment, how to use neem leaves to prevent hair fall issue.

Boil neem leaves (take one bunch of leaves about 200 grams in weight) with two litter of water until it is done (water turns it color into dark brownish green), cool it at room temperature, and wash your hair with neem leaves extracted water. This remedy works perfectly. It can reduce hair fall and dandruff. Just you need to use the remedy once a week until you get the satisfaction with the result.


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