Home Remedies for Body Hair

home remedies for body hair removal: Unwanted body hair can cause a lot of discomfort to you especially if you are a woman. Most of the women who have unwanted hair especially around the face find it hard to face other people with confidence. Unwanted hair can lower a person’s self-confidence or even affect is emotional well being. Unwanted can cause body odor especially in places that sweats a lot hence making it necessary to get rid of them.

Body hair home remedy can help you deal with unwanted hair in an easy and effective way. You don’t have to feel embraced when facing other people since home remedies for body hair won’t cost you much and works best. Here are some of the home remedies for body hair you can leverage upon to boost your self-confidence and to get rid of unwanted hair in your body.

5 Amazing Home Remedies for Body Hair removal

1. Papaya 

Papaya is rich in an enzyme called papain which inhibit growth of hair follicles and also breakdown the existing hair follicles. Papain will help get rid of unwanted hair from your body and it is one of the most reliable home treatments for body hair you can rely upon to get rid of unwanted hair. The process of application involves preparing a paste of raw papaya.

Add a tablespoonful of turmeric to make a paste. Apply the paste on the parts of the skin that has unwanted hair. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes and wash. You should practice this twice a week for the best result. The paste will not only remove hair but also improve your skin tone on that area you apply.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is also effective in getting rid of unwanted hair from the skin. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory hence healing most of the skin infections. It also remove hair by breaking down hair follicles and inhibiting growth of hair on the parts applied. Its application involves mixing turmeric powder and water to make a paste. Then you apply the paste on the part of the body you want to remove the hair. You allow the paste to dry for quarter an hour and then you wash it off with warm water. You should repeat this thrice a week for better results. 

3. Sugar, honey, lemon mixture

When the three ingredients are mixed they form a strong hair removal which has a waxy effect. Although the paste created out of the three ingredients is painful due to its stickiness you it is a reliable body hair home remedy. The stick paste help to remove hair effectively while also to treat the skin after hair removal. Honey and lemon are anti-bacterial and they provide skin protection to the area that the hair have been removed.

They also help improve the skin texture and complexion. The application process involves mixing a tablespoonful of sugar, lemon and honey in a container. Then heat the mixture. Allow the mixture to cool to temperatures that cannot hurt your skin. Apply some fine flour on that skin part. Apply the paste on the paste on the part. Then covert the part with a clothing. After the cloth sticks, strip it off and remove the hair on the skin.  

4. Egg mask

Egg mask is very sticky hence can be used to remove hair though the process is painful. As one of the home remedies for body hair removal, egg masks work when mixed with sugar and flour. You need to mix 1 egg, a tablespoonful of sugar and tablespoonful of flour in a container. Then stir to create a paste. Apply the paste on the skin where you want to remove the hair. Allow it dry for some 15 minutes and then peel off the mask using a battering knife without injuring yourself. Do it twice a week and the results will be effective in the long run.

5. Potato and lentil 

Potato and lentils form another alternative for home remedies for body hair removal you can leverage upon. The process involves first soaking lentils in water for about 12 hours. Then you grid the lentil into a paste. Then you peel off the potato and smash it. Press the smashed potato against a sieve to extract its juice. Mix the potato juice, the lentil paste and a tablespoonful of honey to make a paste. Apply the paste on the part of the skin that has unwanted hair. Allow it to dry for quarter an hour. Then rub it to remove the hair. Do it thrice a week for the best results.

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