Women Hair Fall Treatment

Women Hair Fall Treatment

Hair loss is a problem that many people suffer from. The people end up losing the attractiveness that they have had at all times. The glimmering in natural health is all lost when such occurrences do happen.

Causes of Hair Fall

Hair fall is a subject of several factors that includes age, imbalance of hormones, deficiencies of nutrition, genetics as well as use of convectional chemicals for the hair in inappropriate manner making the hair weak.  Chronic illnesses and certain medical conditions are also some of the factors that promotes hair fall.

4 Powerful Women Hair Fall Treatment

The average number of strands on the human scalp is around one hundred thousand. When you lose an average of between fifty and a hundred strands in a day it is normal. It starts alarming when hair fall is above that threshold. At that point, action to ensure that the progress is halted is what matters.Otherwise, it may lead to baldness and development of bald spots on the head. There are however more readily available remedies for women hair fall.

Applying hair oil is a natural women hair fall home treatment condition. Massaging the hair with the oil promotes the reduction of hair fall. Blood flow around the head scalp increases when it is massaged, promoting the growth of hair follicles. The hair follicles will there after promote growth of hair and sprouting of new hair. Massaging of the scalp helps condition the scalp and improve on the strength of the hair roots. The practice helps the general body to relax and have reduced feelings of being stressed.

 1 - Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Almond Oil and Rosemary Oil

Women hair fall home treatment will involve the use of oils in the massage. Naturally pressed oils from various sources and nature such as olive, castor and almond are the most common available for use. The said oils are base oils and for better performance, some drops essential rosemary oil is added for effective and fast results. When done for at least once in a week, you have the guarantee that your hair will henceforth remain intact.

2 - Indian Goose Berry

Indian goose berry is also one of the Home remedies for women hair fall that is all natural and promotes growth of hair fast. The fruit is rich in microelements such as vitamin c that promotes strengthening of the hair. There are properties in the fruit such as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and the ability to exfoliate helps in maintaining that the scalp is in good health and promotes hair growth. When applied daily, the results will start showing up in due time.

3 - Fenugreek Seeds

Rebuilding the hair follicles is one of the principles that agitates for the use of Fenugreek in treating hair fall. It is also used women hair fall home treatment as it contains proteins and an acid called nicotinic that stimulates growth of hair. A cup of fenugreek seeds are put in a container with water and are soaked for a night. They are then ground with pestle to make a paste. The paste is then applied onto the hair and covered with a shower cap for around fortyminutes, when the hair is rinsed. This is one of the effective Home remedies for women hair fall that should be done repeatedly daily for a whole month.

4 - Onion Juice

The high content of sulfur contained in onion juice is what makes  it suitable for use as an ingredient in women hair fall home remedy. Sulfur improves on the circulation of blood, regeneration and reduced inflammation of the hair follicles. Germs that are present within the scalp will also be killed as sulfur has antibacterial properties. 

It can also treat infections on the scalp that can lead to further infections. Hair regrowth for some people is attributed to the use onion juice. In preparation to make the juice, it is first extracted by grating and then straining it. The juice is applied directly onto the scalp and left for a period of not less than minutes before being washed off.

The effective home remedies for women hair fall should be repeated for around two to three times in a week, for some weeks, to experience changes for your hair. Aloe Vera, roots of licorice are some of the home remedies for women hair fall that all women should apply, whether their hair is falling or not yet.

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