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Types of Hepatitis


What Is Hepatitis? Inflammation of the liver of any cause is referred to as hepatitis. It may be caused by ...

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Tuberculosis TB The Killer


Tuberculosis TB is caused by a bacterium called tuberculosis. The bacteria usually attack the lungs, but TB ...

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Poisoning Treatment


Food poisoning comes from consuming meals that include germs like awful bacteria or pollutants, which are toxi...

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Cancer is a huge group of diseases that involving abnormal body cells growth rapidly with the probable to occu...

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Cure for Diabetes


The inability of body to control levels of sugar in the blood is commonly named as Diabetes. It is a group of...

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signs and symptoms of depression


Depression: The state of feeling sad or unhappy, is a serious medical situation in which a person feels hopel...

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Types of Thalassemia


There are various types of thalassemia and it is an inherited blood disorder wherein the frame makes an unusua...

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list of viral diseases


Viral diseases: Viral sicknesses are extraordinarily giant infections because of viruses, a kind of microorgan...

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