Passive Smoking

Second-hand smoke (passive smoking) is sometimes referred to as environmental tobacco smoke. It is a combination of the smoke exhaled by a smoker and the smoke which comes from the end of a burning cigar or cigarette. When someone inhales that smoke, it is often regarded as passive smoking.

The effects of passive smoking

Majority of the  people is aware of the  second-hand smoke is dangerous for their  health. However, how hazardous is it? Medical science evidence let us know:

  • Non-smokers exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke increase their risk of lung cancer.
  • Non-smokers who spend their time with the smokers increase the risk of lung cancer by  20-30%.
  • Passive smoking can bring about premature death in non-smokers.
  • There is not  safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke.
  • Second-hand tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals and 69 are known to cause cancer.
  • Passive smoking substantially increases a person's risk of getting coronary heart disease.


Why is passive smoking so dangerous?

You may ask how the risks of second hand smoke seem so excessive given that a non-smoker doesn't breathe in anywhere near as much tobacco smoke as a smoker.

Although the reasons are not well understood, there are some interesting clues. These clues come from our surroundings  where  a cigarette is burnt.

Smoke that burns off the end of a cigarette (called sidestream smoke) may be more toxic than the mainstream smoke a smoker would inhale.

Sidestream smoke may bring a passive smoker very near to death.

What we know is that, As non smokers  our breathing in second-hand tobacco smoke still carries significant health risks.

So What Should Be Done In Order To Stay Away From Such Hazardous Secon Hand Smoke?

  • Parents at home and the teachers at schools must make the children aware of Passive smoking.
  • The government should be serious enough to remove this fetal resource from the Society.
  • Media has to play a healthy role to convey the effects of second hand smoke to each and everybody.   

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