Model Laiba Khan Biography - Height, Weight, Age, Family

Model Laiba Khan Biography - Height, Weight, Age, Family

Laiba Khan is really beautiful and one of the most attractive-looking personalities in Pakistan. She is becoming a top emerging actress and model in Pakistani. She has covered a lot of modeling for different brands. She made her very first appearance as an actress in the top drama serial “Do Bol” was on aired on ARY Digital. It is said that “the first impression is the last impression” and her first impression has turned out to be really stunning and attracted millions of viewers. Those viewers have become her huge fan not only because she performed extremely well but she is ravishing and has a pretty innocent face as well.

The way she performed in “Do Bol” People want to see her performing in the main characters of the dramas and movies. It means she has proved herself as the most liked personality in the coming days. The successful drama has opened the doors of success for her bright future in the industry. Laiba Khan is very young right now and she has a lot of fame that will lead surely her to the top actress in Pakistan. Indeed, there a huge competition remains in the drama industry in Pakistan that is the reason why she will have to work extremely hard to stay in the competition.

There are a lot of actresses in Pakistan who have been working magnificently in the industry, such as the twin sisters Minal Khan and Aiman Khan, Kubra Khan and many more.


Model Laiba Khan Biography

Name: Laiba Khan

Marital Status: Single

Religion: Islam

Cast: Khan

Famous As: Actress

Born: January 24, 1997

Age: 22

Country: Pakistan

Home Town: Karachi

Profession: Actress and Model

Debut Drama: Do Bol (2018 - 9)

Famous For:

Do Bol (2018 - 19)

Babban Khala Ki Betiyan (2018 - 19)


Looks and Body

Height: 5 feet 3 in (1.6m)

Weight: 55 kg

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Skin Complexion: Fair


Likes and Dislikes

Favorite Foods: Chinese and Biryani

Favorite Colors: Black and White

Hobbies: Traveling and Walking


The Future of Model Laiba Khan

If she keeps performing in a way that she is doing these days, she will surely become one of the leading actresses in Pakistan. Who knows! She may be offered to work on the big screen in the near future, and of course, since the Pakistan film industry revived, almost every actor and actress are eager to perform in the Lollywood movies. Her innocence, charming personality, her smile, and above all her work clearly indicate that she is going to have a tremendously bright future and will be standing on the stage of success with the successful people in Pakistan.  

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