Waqt ke badalne se dil kaha badalte hain

Waqt ke badalne se dil kaha badalte hain

Apni zoja ke taaruf mein kaha

Apni zoja ke taaruf mein kaha aik shakhs ne

Bara mushkil hai school ki MISS se pyar krna

Bara mushkil hai
School ki MISS se pyar krna

Fried Rice Recipe in Urdu

Fried Rice the fried rice is meat-free but you can easily add in a protein of your choice, and you’re good to go. If you’re going to indulge in comfort food, at least relish in the fact that this kind is homemade.Now you really have no reason to order takeout, especially when this dinner takes only 10 minutes to make.

Cucumber Kheer Recipe in Urdu

Cucumber Kheer is a very light and refreshing payasam. It is not as rich as the other traditional payasams. So it can be enjoyed even after a heavy meal.

British Curry Recipe

British Curry, Heat vegetable oil in a medium non-stick skillet over medium-high heat until shimmering. Add onion, garlic, and ginger Cook stirring constantly. Read more about british curry Recipe in Urdu at alifseye.com

Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is a tumorous disease that you get uncontrolled abnormal cells begin to grow in your thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is formed like a butterfly and is placed inside the front of your neck. Read more about signs and symptoms of thyroid cancer at alifseye.com
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Lung Cancer in Pakistan

Lung cancer is one of the maximum usual malignancies within the worldwide and both incidence and mortality rates are continuing to increase in Pakistan. But, epidemiological research to identify common lung most cancers causes within the Pakistani population had been confined. Read more about lung cancer in Pakistan at alifseye.com
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Signs and Symptoms Blood Cancer

Blood cancers can purpose many one-of-a-kind signs and symptoms of blood cancer. A few are common across all blood cancers, others are greater characteristic of particular kinds of blood most cancers.
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