Nanhe se dil mein koi armaan rakhna

Nanhe se dil mein koi armaan rakhna,
Duniya ki bheed mein hamari pehchaan rakhna,
Ache nahi lagte jab rehte ho aap udaas,
In hontho pe banaye sada muskaan rakhna mere..

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  1. Linda 2016-10-21 22:08:09

    You realize I’m a car journalist too, right? The driver is exreeiencpd with the GT-R and the track. The GT-R was driven within an inch of its life, as was the RSV4. The rider actually crashed it during the course of filming. The RSV4 was noticeably, unarguably, quite massively faster, which surprised us all.Like any other video, this one was created using multiple takes. The lap times represent the fastest each vehicle was capable of on the same track at the same time, racing each other.

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