Home Remedies for Skin Hydration

Home Remedies for Skin Hydration

Home remedies for skin hydration are very useful for those who have such problem. Having a rough skin affects your general complexion. In countries that experience different seasons of weather patterns, skin hydration is a common problem to the inhabitants of those regions.


Apart from the weather there are other factors that can contribute to skin being dry, including deficiencies in nutrition, aging and also as a consequence of predisposition of genetics.

A big price comes along with the available lotions and other oil moisturizers to help control skin drying. Home remedies for skin hydration are economically viable and effectively nurturing the skin back to a healthy state. Good news is that all ingredients that can be used as effective home remedies for skin hydration are readily available in the kitchen.

4 Effective Home Remedies for Skin Hydration

1 - Olive Oil
One of the home remedies for skin hydration practices that you can do include the use of olive oil. The oil is known to contain a number of antioxidants that promotes elimination of toxic substances from the surface and pores of the skin. It also contains and contributes more fatty acids that are healthy and good for the development and growth of your skin. The oil has the ability to moisten and make the skin be under condition, all over the body.

The procedure to use home treatment for skin hydration is a simple process, you only take a substantial amount of a layer of the oil and use in conjunction with the moisturizer that you use most often.  About thirty minutes before taking a shower, take some olive oil and apply it all over the body. After shower, use a moisturizer that is light first. Then make a combined concoction of olive oil, sugar and honey thoroughly and uniformly mixed. Use the scrub of the mixture to apply all over the body making sure that you are able to reach all areas.

2 - milk cream

Using milk cream is also one of the home treatment for skin hydration that is promoted by the presence of lactic acid that promotes the dry skin to exfoliate. The milk is able to maintain and control the Ph.Of the dry skin. The cream from the milk can also be used as a skin moisturizer. You can make this a home treatment for skin hydration by adding about four drops of lemon juice, some whole milk and some teaspoonful’s of cream.

You will then use your hands to scope the resultant mixture and apply it all over the body. You can leave the solution to act on your skin for effectiveness before stepping into the shower. If possible do these steps once in a day.While applying to your face, add some gram flour and can be done once in a day for effectiveness.

3 - Honey
Being one of the highly regarded skin hydration home remedy, honey is the best natural moisturizer ever. The honey has properties such as being antioxidant, microbial inhibiting as well as having humectant properties. By being moisturizer, honey hinders moisture from escaping from the skin improving the softness and smoothness of your skin. To continual enjoying skin that is well moisturized rub the honey all over your body’s skin cover and leave it to moisturize naturally for about 15 minutes before stepping into the shower. This can be done once in a day.

4 - Coconut Oil

Another form of home remedies for skin hydration is by using coconut oil. The amount of free fatty acids that are present block any moisture from leaving the skin. Before going to sleep, apply oil made from the coconut palms all over your skin and remove it the shower first thing in the morning. To ensure that your skin is both tender and smooth in the long run, practice it daily.

Treantment for skin hydration home remedies are rich in their moisturizing properties. This helps in protecting the moisture of the skin and making them part of your daily skin protection and care a routine one day at a time after a shower will keep your skin freshened and moisturized for long. You can also change the type of bathing soaps you are using, especially the dry once and use body wash soaps that are mild.

While doing the home remedies for skin dehydration, try as much as possible to limit the amount of time you take under the shower. Also, for the effectiveness of the moisturizing home treatment for skin hydration, avoid very hot showers.

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