Breast Cancer in Women and Types of Cancer

Breast Cancer in Women and Types of Cancer

What is Cancer?


We are going to discuss breast cancer in women but have a little look on the introduction to cancer. It is a huge group of diseases that involving abnormal body cells growth rapidly with the probable to occupy or spread to other parts and portions of the body. All the tumors are not considered as carcinomatous or cancer affected cell; most of the tumors do not spread to other parts of the body.



What is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer in women

The breast cancer in women is one of the the most common types of cancer. This type of cancer affects the women the most, whereas 2% of breast cancer affects men. Research shows, in huge number of the women population affected by breast cancer. Firstly, it is essential to realize what exactly breast cancer is?

It is a type of cancer that creates dangerous tumors in the women’s breast cells. These tumors slowly spread to various parts of the body and are the cause of death.

In medical terminology, breast cancer is also known as Breast Carcinoma or malignant tumors. It is a deadly tumors that spreads from the cells of the breast to different other cells of the body. These formation of malignant tumors happen in the form of groups of tumors, which are not only found in women, but in men as well.

In Pakistan, the age of women between 35 years to 55 years have a higher risk of falling victim to this type of cancer, which can prove to be dangerous for their life. In order to discover these deadliest type of cancer tumors in earlier stage, women should carry out regular breast examinations by theimselves or lady doctor. Early stages means cancer treatment is much easier than after. Because once it affects any part of the body, it is going to be difficult, but we could say, it is almost impossible to treat it.


Protective Measures:

As it's miles said that precaution is higher than remedy so you all must take a few protecting measures to avoid the most cancers.

  • You ought to forestall smoking and drinking to hold yourself far from cancers like tongue most cancers, pile cancer, throat cancer, neck cancer, kidney most cancers and lungs most cancers.


  • Sunlight has ultra violet rays which can be very injurious to health. Sitting for a long term in direct sun light can cause skin most cancers. Therefore, you should avoid direct publicity of your pores and skin to the sun light.


  • The oily and fatty meals do not immediately contribute to the most cancers but consumption of such forms of ingredients are linked to risk of most cancers indirectly. Those ingredients are indirectly connected to the most cancers of rectum and bum.


  • Women  must have pap-smear assessments yearly to save you the cancer of the cervix.


  • Women or girls ought to have their breasts check up at regular foundation so that you must stay updated with their health popularity. At the side of different tests, you should  know about the report of your  blood test.

Every Woman Should Know About The Facts Of Breast Cancer in Women:

Most of the women consider breast cancer as a single and invasive disease. In actuality, there are different kinds of breast cancer. Some are crucial than others and some have exceptional signs and symptoms. Little knowledge about the different kinds of breast cancer may help you to detect problem in any early stage, the preventive measures can be taken.

The classification of the breast cancer is depending on where in the breast tissue is situated. Often it begins from the milk ducts and milk carry tubes  from the lobules and produced in the nipple. These types of breast cancer are known as ductal carcinomas or ductal cancer.

Commonly 12% percent of breast cancer in women starts in the lobules and are named as lobular cancers. The rest of the breast cancers start in other tissues of breasts such as blood vessels or lymph, fat and related tissues....(Cont.,)


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