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If Cancer could be diagnosed earlier or on time then it is possible to treat and cure a cancer patient in a better way. Like, to avoid those types of food that could be help to strengthen the cancer cells to grow faster or even uncontrolled cell growth.

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Prevention Is Better than Cure, is a popular proverb that means it is very much quite less complicated to prevent a trouble from taking place than to resolve the trouble after it has already passed off.

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Aap ne suna hoga ke omega three fatty acids aisay sehat mand fats hain jo ke dil ko sehat mand rakhnay ke liye zurori hai. Aur tamam tibbi mahireen is baat par mutfiq hain ke omega three fatty acids...

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Zaitoon ka tail heart attack ka khatrah kam kere

Zaitoon ke tail ka istemaal heart attack ke khatray mein numaya kami lata hai. Yeh baat spain mein honay wali aik tibbi tahaqeeq mein samnay aayi.

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The role of media in our society | The role of media in Pakistan | Role of media

The role of media in our society is significant. It has certainly become crucial part of our society as well as our lives. The word media has a vast meaning with different names like Internet, television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines. Every part of media has worth at its place.

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Second-hand Smoke | Passive Smoking

Second-hand smoke (passive smoking) is sometimes referred to as environmental tobacco smoke. It is a combination of the smoke exhaled by a smoker and the smoke that comes from the end of a burning cigarette or cigar. When someone inhales that smoke, it is often referred to as passive smoking.

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Pakistan Cricket – The Ultimate Bat & Ball Story

Cricket is surely a Gentlemen’s game, found in the territory of the Britain’s. In the terms of their National games, Cricket always comes on top of their list. It was an Era when Australia has been called the territory of Englishmen’s prison, but after some tensed moment in the history,

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How a Roller Coaster Can Help You Pass a Kidney Stone

A team of researchers rode a roller coaster more times than they probably care to remember, just to figure out why roller coasters trigger the passage of small kidney stones. With the further help of a 3D-printed model of a kidney filled with urine, they think they’ve solved the puzzle.

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Surprising Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

It’s a common knowledge that water is necessary for our continued survival. We are recommended to drink around 8 glasses of water a day. However, health benefits are not exclusive to cold water only, as drinking warm water also has its advantages. Here are some surprising benefits of consuming hot water. 

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